Xejox Water Project

In February 2022, the community of Xejox celebrated the arrival of clean water. Thanks to the hard work of the ASUVI (Asociación Unidos por la Vida) team, thirty-three families now have easy access to fresh water. This project was funded through a generous donation in memory of Maureen Mueller Gregorcich, sister-of-law of co-founder Sister Jan Gregorcich.

About the Community

Xejox, Guatemala is located in the municipality of Zacualpa, department of Quiché, about 127 miles from the capital city. The community grows corn, beans, peaches, avocados, and apples. These crops provide a regular food source for the families living there. Their houses are adobe with clay-tiled roofs or block with zinc-sheeted roofs.

Building Their Water Project

  • Building Catchment Tanks and Water Collectors

  • Putting in the Water Faucets