Chujupen Water Project

In February 2020, residents of Chujupen, Guatemala rejoiced in the arrival of clean, fresh water.

In the Words of a Chujupen Resident

“I’m Manuel Martin Chonos. I’m content. I’m happy because I have my own tap, unlike before. Before I suffered a lot and had to get water from the ravines. My wife, my family suffered a lot. But now, we’re happy. We’re content because we have our water, and it comes out with good pressure. Thank God for the neighbors, for the local committees. Thank God, it’s enough. We’re happy. We’re content. My tap has good pressure. We’re happy. Thank you to those who authorized it. Thank you.”

“Soy Manuel Martin Chonos. Estoy contento. Estoy feliz porque tengo mi chorro, no como antes. Antes sufría mucho y recoger agua en los barrancos. Mi esposa, mi familia sufre mucho. Pero ahora, estamos feliz. Estamos contentos, porque tenemos nuestra agua, y tiene suficiente fuerza el agua. Gracias a Dios por los vecinos, los comités. Gracias a Dios, es bastante. Estamos felices. Estamos contentos. Mi chorro tiene bastante fuerza. Estamos felices. Gracias por las autoridades. Gracias.”

About the Community

Four hundred forty four people live in Chujupen, Guatemala. It is located in the municipality of Chichicastenango and the department of Quiché, about a mile and half from the urban center of Santa Cruz. The weather tends to be colder. They grow fruits, such as apples and peaches, and corn, which provide a daily food source for the community. Their houses are built from adobe with mud-tiled roofs or block with zinc-sheeted roofs.

How their Water Project was Built

  • Digging Trenches for the Water Line

  • Carrying Supplies to the Site

  • Building a Water Distribution Tank

  • Meeting with Community Leaders for a Site Visit

  • More Digging for the Water Line

  • First Glimpse of Clean Water