The ASUVI team studies the plans for the water project.

In December 2020, the Henke family helped us fully fund the water project for the community of Las Joyas, which will provide 636 people with clean water.

Las Joyas is located in the municipality of Joyabaj and the department of Quiché, about 43 miles from the urban center of Santa Cruz del Quiché. Situated at a higher evaluation, the climate is cold. Corn and beans thrive in the region sustaining the community.  Houses are made of adobe with mud-tiles or stone blocks with zinc-sheeted roofs. Currently, there is no natural water source within the immediate vicinity of the village. For drinking, laundry, and other tasks, they must fetch water from the river. This untreated water leads to diseases and lower quality of life.

Construction Updates

Bringing Supplies to the Project Site

Building Water Distribution Tanks

Digging Trenches for the Water Line

Installing PVC Pipes in the Trenches