Las Guacamayas Water Project

About the Community

Sixty-three families live in the community of Las Guacamayas, Guatemala. It is located in municipality of Joyabaj and the department of Quiché, about 148 miles from the capital city. They grow corn, beans, mangos, and papayas, providing a consistent food source for the community. Their houses are made of adobe with mud-tiled roofs or block with zinc-sheeted roofs.

For years now, they have lacked a water source within the village. Every day, women and children collect water from a nearby river to drink, wash clothes, and use for other daily activities. This water is untreated, so it often leads to stomach sickness.

Constructing Their Water Project

In December 2021, the ASUVI team started construction on the Las Guacamayas water project. They hope to complete it early in the coming year.

  • Building a Water Distribution Tank