Completed in May 2018, this project provided water to 1,080 people in the community of Mactzul.

Did you know that many people in the world have no access to safe drinking water and basic sanitation? In Latin America alone, 35 percent of the population lacks running water. For communities without clean water, children are often sick and miss school. Women spend a large part of their day collecting water, preventing them from devoting time and energy to their families. Simply put, quality of life greatly suffers without clean water.

Global Partners: Running Waters changes that, one village at a time. To date, we have completed 148 projects, impacting the lives of over 310,000 people.

Current Project

We just wrapped the water project for Chujupen, Guatemala. Thank you for supporting the 444 people who call that village home. Our next project will be for the 576 people who live in Tintuleu, Guatemala.

Tintuleu is located in the municipal of San Andr√©s Sajcabaj√°, about 44 miles from Santa Cruz. The villagers grow corn and beans as a means to sustain the community. The buildings are made of adobe with mud tiles or stone blocks with zinc sheeted roofs. There is no natural water close to the village. Instead, they have to find a river for drinking, cooking, washing, etc. The river water is not treated, so it often causes sickness.