Río Grande, Pachilip Water Project

About the Community

Hundred and one families live in Río Grande, Aldea Pachilip, a community situated in the municipal of Joyabaj, department of El Quiché, about 140 miles from the capital city of Guatemala. They grow corn, beans, mangos, and papayas. The majority of their house are made of adobe with mud-tiled roofs, but some are made of block with zinc-sheeted roofs.

For years, they have not had access to a convenient water source. Every day, they must fetch water from a nearby river to drink, wash clothes, and use for other daily activities. This water is not treated and often leads to stomach sickness.

Construction Updates

At the end of July 2021, work began on the water project for the community of Río Grande.

  • Unloading Supplies

  • Meeting with Community Leaders

  • Carrying Supplies to Work Site

  • Building Water Distribution Tanks

  • Installing PVC Pipes