Río Grande, Pachilip Water Project

In October 2021, the community of Río Grande, Pachilip celebrated easy access to clean, fresh water.

“I’m happy because I have water in my home. Now, I lack nothing. Now, there is water, water for all. / Estoy feliz porque tengo la santa agua en mi casa. Pues ahora, no falta nada. Ahora, hay agua; pues hay para todos.” – Doña Teresa

About the Community

One hundred and one families live in Río Grande, Pachilip, Guatemala. It is located in the municipality of Joyabaj and the department of Quiché, about 140 miles from the capital. They grow corn, beans, mangos, and papayas, which provide a daily food source for the community. Their houses are made from adobe with mud-tiled roofs or block with zinc-sheeted roofs.

Building Their Water Project

  • Unloading Supplies

  • Meeting with Community Leaders

  • Carrying Supplies to Work Site

  • Building Water Distribution Tanks

  • Installing PVC Pipes for the Water Line

  • Constructing the Raised Water Line

    To cross over Motagua River/Río Motagua, the ASUVI team constructed a raised galvanized tube system, 98 yards/90 meters above ground.

  • Checking Out the Completed Water Tanks