Piedras Blancas Water Project

Thirty-six families in the community of Piedras Blancas, Guatemala will soon have easy access to fresh, clean water. The ASUVI team plans to begin construction on their water project in the coming month.

About the Community

Two hundred seventy-six people live in Piedras Blancas. It is located in the Guatemalan municipality of Joyabaj/San Martín and the department of Quiché, about sixty-two miles from the capital city. The community has warmer weather as it is in the dry corridor of the country, near the Motagua River (Río Motagua). They grow corn, beans, and squashes. These crops provide a consistent food source for the families living there. Their houses are adobe with mud-tiled roofs or block with zinc-sheeted roofs.

For years now, the community of Piedras Blancas has lived without a safe water source. Every day, women and children walk to the river to fetch water for drinking, washing clothes, and other daily activities. Since this water is untreated, it often causes recurring stomach sickness.

Building Their Water Project

  • Arrival of Project Materials

  • Prepping the Work Site

  • Building a Water Catchment System

  • Technical Site Visit