Sister Jan Gregorcich with a Carving
Sister Jan Gregorcich receives a carving for her work.

Global Partners: Running Waters began with a dream of clean water.

Dianne Henke, a School Sister of Notre Dame Associate and beekeeper, wanted to do something in Guatemala to honor her father-in-law. She reached out to Sister Jan Gregorcich, a School Sister of Notre Dame who had lived and worked in Guatemala and Honduras for 12 years. Sister Jan invited Dianne to visit Guatemala with her, so she could decide for herself how to best use her memorial gift.

Dianne Henke stands next to a woman in Guatemala
Dianne Henke on her many trips to Guatemala.

As the two of them traveled through Guatemala, they saw the scarcity of clean water in the indigenous communities. They both understood that clean water would completely transform these communities. Dianne decided to use her memorial gift to bring clean water to the rural village of Xeabaj in the department of QuichĂ©. 

This single act of generosity encouraged others to experience the reality of water scarcity and share their gifts. In 2003, Global Partners: Running Waters was born.