Map of the Department of Quiche in Guatemala

In late spring 2020, we fully funded the water project for Tintuleo, Guatemala, providing 576 people with clean water.

Tintuleu is located in the department of Quiché and the municipal of San Andrés Sajcabajá, about 44 miles from Santa Cruz. Corn and beans are the two crop staples for the community. Houses are made of adobe with mud tiles or stone blocks with zinc-sheeted roofs. Currently, there is no natural water close to the village. Every day, they walk to find a river for drinking, cooking, washing. Usually, the river water is not treated, often causing sickness. Thank you to the generosity of our partners for helping us change lives in this community.

Construction Progress

Digging Trenches for the Water Line

Unloading PVC Pipes

The PVC pipes will be laid in the trenches and will carry the water from the distribution tank to the community.

Building the Distribution Tank

This tank will hold enough water for all of the families in the community.

Installing the PVC Pipes

First Glimpse of Clean Water