In Guatemala, the number of COVID-19 cases is growing daily. As of August 26, there are over 71,500 confirmed cases and more than 2,600 deaths.

In the department of Quiche, where Global Partners: Running Waters regularly supports water projects, there are only 615 confirmed cases. Yet, these communities continue to face challenges. Many families did not have a steady income before this. Now, with most of the country shut down, many no longer have work or do not have enough work, leaving them unable to care for their loved ones.

Our partner in Guatemala, ASUVI (Asociación Unidos por la Vida – United for Life Association), has 321 families who need our help immediately. These families live in the villages of Tuluche, Agua Tibia II; Cosibal, Tintuleo, Las Joyas, and Chichicastenango. A donation of $27 will provide them with the basic necessities for 20 days: corn, beans, rice, salt oil, pasta, hygiene items, soap, and masks.

Will you help us bring hope to these families? Volunteers from ASUVI are ready to distribute the supplies along with information about preventing the spread of COVID-19. All they need is your support.


The situation in my family has been complicated because I have been sick for quite a while.  Thank God, I am now feeling well. Nevertheless, we had to borrow money to get through this and buy medicine because my husband does not have steady work. The current situation in the country is affecting us quite a bit because my husband cannot get work since he is a day laborer.  Now, they can only pay him by the hour, and it is not enough for our family needs.  ~Josefa Chitic, Choaxán II of Chiché